Gloria Reaches Out to the Gays

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Gloria Estefan isn’t called the Queen of Latin Pop for nothing. Over three decades – and counting – she’s earned it.
Since needing a “Dr. Beat” to control her feet in the ’80s, then as part of Miami Sound Machine, Estefan has amassed seven Grammy awards and released 25 albums (selling over 90 million copies of them worldwide), spawning hits like “Conga,” “Reach” and “Rhythm is Gonna Get You” – which it did, many times over. And it will yet again with “Miss Little Havana,” her first English-language release since 2003 that returns to her Latin-dance roots with producer Pharrell Williams’ urban flair.
Estefan’s first English album in eight years, though, isn’t just getting buzz for her long-awaited comeback – but the way it’s being released. Estefan partnered with Target, known for its recent support of anti-gay politics, for the release of “Miss Little Havana” (it’s also available through iTunes). In this exclusive chat, the 54-year-old performer opened up about the deal, why she hopes you’ll give the corporation another chance and just how deep her everlasting love for the gay community goes.
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