God Bless the Child That Sings

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1 Many go down on them
6 Moby Dick chaser
10 Gallery of London
14 Palmer of “The Boys From Brazil”
15 “Oliver!” request
16 China setting?
17 “___ River”
18 Words after International
20 Song that says “I’m a good gal/But my love is all wrong”
22 Suffix with profit
23 Baudelaire’s bag
24 Dreaded ink color
27 Where pool players put their balls
30 Jim, who did a Pyle of acting?
35 Take it like ___
37 Not a whit
39 ___ New Guinea
40 Song that says “It’s not true that love is blind”
43 Place to celebrate P’s on earth?
44 He went down under the sea
45 Initial stake
46 Gaydar and such
48 Mary had a little one
50 Canon camera
51 Texas sch.
53 Fit start
55 Song that says “Love will make you do things/That you know is wrong”
62 Disney character with a woody head
63 Appealingly shocking
65 Scripture holders for congregation Beth Simchat Torah
66 Pokes fun at
67 Cara of “Fame”
68 Sexy clothing material
69 Forgo swallowing
70 Ruhr industrial center


1 Road warning
2 Where the money is
3 Muppet pal of Rosie
4 Woodworker’s tool
5 Rufus Wainwright, for one
6 What guns shoot off
7 Saddle part
8 City on the Rhone
9 Director Kidron of “Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit”
10 Russian singing duo
11 Queens stadium name
12 Butch lesbian accessories
13 Toreador’s trophy
19 Dogpatch creator
21 Randolph Scott’s companion Cary
24 Sounds like Fierstein
25 Be a ham in “Hamlet”?
26 Ripley portrayer Matt
28 Attorney Roy
29 Get on your knees
31 Theda of the silents
32 Give a piece of one’s mind
33 Reach the sum of
34 Wise guys
36 Part of CNN
38 Witty Bombeck
41 “Keep your pants on!”
42 French river to the English Channel
47 Big wet ones
49 Holiday, who sang the three songs of this puzzle
52 Not at all cool
54 Homophobic comments
55 Give the axe to
56 Makes tattoos
57 Enjoy some ladyfingers, e.g.
58 Conn of “Grease”
59 The largest part
60 Crude material
61 Fruity drink
62 Cager Parsons
64 Bear necessity

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