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God’s Memoir

By |2011-11-24T09:00:00-05:00November 24th, 2011|Entertainment|


1 Big name in foamy heads
6 Eagles, but not leather bars
10 Cabbage salad
14 When actors should come
15 Heterogeneous mixture
16 Common greeting
17 Hairy situation on Wall Street?
19 “Da Doo Ron Ron” opening
20 David Javerbaum’s book about God’s Memoir, with “The”
22 Aida, to the Egyptians
24 Particular “Advocate,” e.g.
25 Straights, to PlanetOut?
26 One who goes both ways on the train?
29 Henry and June’s Anais
30 Centers of research
31 Message from God in 20-Across
38 Kind of line, on Broadway
39 Monopoly abbr.
40 Lick it
43 Crossed swords
46 “There’s ___ every crowd!”
47 Seaport of da Vinci’s land
48 What God is, since we’re created in God’s image, per 20-Across
52 Some promises
53 Hear here
56 Fairy tale bad guy
57 Leave out
58 Part of a fashion name
59 Financial aid criterion
60 Guitarist Townshend
61 Second name in cross-dressing


1 Choreographer Fosse
2 “Le Monde” article
3 Uncovering the head?
4 Parish priest
5 Cuts off from escape
6 Rich oral pleasure with nuts
7 “It’s Not the Size That Counts” star Sommer
8 Bubbly drinks
9 “Today” co-host Lauer
10 Garb for Diana Nyad
11 Like the least convincing excuses
12 Q, in a theater
13 More like some dreams
18 Many P-town beach vehicles
21 Actress Anouk
22 Permission request
23 Went down (on)
26 Class clown
27 Adolph of publishing
28 “Boys of summer” org.
30 Emperor played by Charles Laughton
32 Towered over
33 “To ___ own self be true” (“Hamlet”)
34 Lover that you can’t get over
35 Putting off coming
36 Steven’s opening
37 Decorate anew
40 It’s for skin
41 Liable to blow
42 “The Raven” maiden
43 Bulb unit
44 Bill Clinton’s number two
45 Got up like a stallion
47 Shoot off unseen
49 Grating sound
50 Vegetable dildo, for short
51 Cut
54 Hollywood’s Hagen
55 Put a scuff on

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