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Cameron Marshall is a man of few words, but that’s OK: He can probably figure out better things to do with his mouth. The 23-year-old porn star from Dallas, recuperating after a two-day shoot in Los Angeles before he swoons men during Labor Day Weekend at The Dunes in Douglas, spoke to Between The Lines about being Baptist, ditching the ladies and what he thinks of a mass-produced mold of his butt.

What’s this movie you were just shooting about?
(Laughs) It’s called the “Gridiron Gang Bang” – it’s a football movie.

You attended a Baptist college for a couple of years – were you raised Baptist?
Kinda. My family wasn’t, and I actually started going to church by myself and ended up getting a scholarship to the Baptist school, so I went there but decided Texas Tech was a better fit for me.

Are you still Baptist?
No, uh-uh. I had a falling out with that.

(Laughs) I bet.
I like myself a lot better now (laughs).

How were you making money before porn?
I had a couple different jobs. I wrote for a yearbook, and I waited tables. I did graphic design for Texas Tech. This takes care of me while I’m finishing up school.

How many movies have you done?
I don’t even know. Probably 10 now.

The one the stands out to me most is the one involving the locker room scene in your first porno, “Bottom of the Ninth: Little Big League 3.”
That’s what everyone remembers me for (laughs).

Is that what your high school gym was like?
(Laughs) No, not really. I wish it was. That’s why I was happy to do this one – the “Gridiron” one – because we do it in a locker room, so it has the same feel as “Little Big League.”

So are there bigger muscly men doing you?
Mmm-hmm, yeah. Big muscle boys (laughs).

In “Shifting Gears” you have sex with a chick. You looked like you had done it before.
Yeah, I dated girls until I was 20. It wasn’t until I moved to Lubbock to go to Tech that I started dating guys. So, I’m still recent.

Do you still date girls?
No. Guys are just a lot more fun, I guess.

In bed – or just period?
Period. Girls have too many problems. I just have a lot more fun dating guys. Girls have always been moody, and my girlfriends are always mad at me for something or another. It’s just easier dating guys. I can relax.

Are you dating someone now?
No, I’m not. I’m happily single, actually. I don’t have the urge right now. Things have been going really well for me lately; I’ve been flying to a different city pretty much every other weekend. I’ve been a little bit too busy for boys.

So tell me what working on “Shifting Gears” was like.
It was really weird having girls on the set, because I was so used to being naked and having sex with guys on the set. And the girls I have had relationships with were nice Christian girls, so these girls were a little bit crazier than I was used to, but they were a lot of fun.

A co-star of yours, Blake Riley, has a vibrating mold of his butt with a hand-painted anal opening. How would you feel if people could purchase your ass?
Oh, I don’t know about that (laughs). I actually had to write a review for his butt for Unzipped, so they sent me one. I don’t know if I’d want one. They did make a dildo of me.

What’s been one of the hardest scenes for you to shoot?
With “Black Meat, White Heat,” it wasn’t comfortable outside – there were like bugs and stuff, so that one wasn’t easy. This one was not that easy – “Gridiron” was two days, 9 to 5, so 16 hours total of filming.

What’s a typical shoot like?
It really just depends. This one was an orgy, so it’s a lot more time consuming. If it’s one-on-one it usually goes a lot faster.

What’s been one of your most embarrassing porno moments?
I don’t think I’ve really had any. I guess an embarrassing thing would be getting mistaken for my ex-boyfriend. People would ask me, “You’re (fellow porn star) Josh Vaughn, right?” I don’t think we look alike in the slightest.

Do you watch your own movies?
I watch the acting parts just to see what I did wrong, see what I did right and how I hold myself, but I don’t really like watching the nudie parts. When I was dating Josh, he would always play the porn when people would come over, because he thought it was funny and all the girls would be watching it too – just because they’re crazy – and they loved it. But I was so embarrassed; I would be like, “No, I can’t do this.” (Laughs)

What does the “7” tattoo on your pec stand for?
It’s my birthday. I got it on my 21st – 07-07-07.

Oh, I thought it was promoting your penis size.
Well, that too.

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