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Goodbye, Dolly

By | 2019-02-13T12:21:50-05:00 February 13th, 2019|Entertainment, Puzzles|

1 and
5 Gig for Michael Carbonaro
13 He cruised for 40 days straight
14 Without dissent
15 Beloved Dolly portrayer (1921-2019)
17 “…farewell, auf Wiedersehen,
18 JFK predictions
19 Zadora in “Hairspray”
20 “Annie Get Your _ “
22 Trunks of Mapplethorpe’s photos
27 Heated arguments
29 Make grief-stricken
30 Clark of fashion
32 Killed, to King James
33 Start of a quote by 15-Across
38 Street urchin
39 Supporter for Cassatt
40 Tinged with gold
43 Treat badly
47 Type of arm tattoo
48 Guns N’ Roses frontman Rose
49 Long of “If These Walls Could Talk 2”
50 Current band of the past?
52 Lets up
54 End of the quote
58 Worked at Barneys, e.g.
59 Mr. Right-now, e.g.
60 Use Viagra successfully
61 “Sex and the City” creator Darren

1 Opens bottles
2 Worker under Ricky Martin
3 Rope to catch a long little dogie
4 Where a cobbler puts the tongue
5 Britten’s raincoat
6 Visibly shocked
7 Whipping boy
8 Present from birth
9 L-word bleeper, perhaps
10 Friend of Rimbaud
11 Pink-slip
12 “Star Trek” sequel, briefly
16 Landau’s “Ed Wood” role
21 R. Nureyev’s land, once
23 Hawk at a flea market
24 Casa part
25 Out partner
26 Works under Edith Head, perhaps
28 Chewy candy
29 Sappho’s B
31 Comment about watching gay porn?
33 Christmas poem opener
34 Word before ass
35 Wilde country
36 Throw in the trash
37 Disney dog Old _ _

41 Virtual reality stand-in

42 Computer whiz

44 Oust, as a homophobic incumbent

45 Nap for Lorca 46 Judy Garland’s parade day

48 Remembers some S&M 51 Oscar ____ Renta
53 Totals
54 Jackie O.’s second husband
55 Kevin Bacon in “Footloose”
56 Truncation abbreviation
57 Ending for a fruity drink

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