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Granholm and Smith

By |2012-05-24T09:00:00-04:00May 24th, 2012|Opinions|

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No, it makes her human. Granholm’s not perfect – no one is.
-Nick Maniaci

I think it’s pathetic that politicians don’t do what’s right in office, but they suddenly have these epiphanies once they are out of office.
-Johnny Rheaume

This was hardly an epiphany. She has always been for equal rights. As with many people her age, the question of gay marriage was a new political concern that came about rather quickly and made her look inside to decide whether it was an issue that needed her commentary. When she ran for office, this was not an issue that was a high priority. As a gay person in his late forties, I can tell you that my stand on same-sex marriage progressed to what it is now.
-Brent Belote

Nobody has to put up with being touched in any way without consenting to it.
-Cindi Brody

Not homophobia. I broke a guys nose at a bar in Canada for walking up and grabbing my crotch. The reporter fared well compared to that.
-Step Collins

If a woman walked up and kissed me she would get the same thing. It’s called personal space!
-Sarah Reed

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