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Hairy Potter

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1 Ingrid’s “Casablanca” role
5 Eva Gabor’s “Green ___ ”
10 Balls
14 What an adjective modifies
15 Lorna of literature
16 From the top
17 Actor interviewed in “Heat” about “manscaping”
20 Hairy member of the Addams family
21 The guy you’re seeing?
22 The Crimson Tide’s st.
23 Soft leather
25 Author whose poems inspired “Cats”
27 “God loves everybody,” to Jane Spahr
28 Puts stitches in
29 Straight, in a bar
32 ‘N Sync member Lance
34 Glide on snow
36 Cutting light
38 It kept 65-Across from shooting off missiles
41 Long of “If These Walls Could Talk 2”
42 Emcee’s opening
43 McKellen of “The Da Vince Code”
44 Beat poet
47 One under Sgt. Matlovich
48 Far out, when cruising
49 “Ben Hur” novelist Wallace
51 To date, but not to go out with
53 Eligible for Soc. Sec.
54 River of Gay Paree
56 Restaurateur Toots
57 Stuff in a closet
59 Cold shoulder
60 Track tipper
61 Actress MacDowell
62 “The African Queen” author
63 French I verb
64 Kind of question
65 Cold War rival of the USA


1 Bring to trial
2 Cannot bear
3 South Beach souvenir
4 Darth, as a boy
5 Ike’s opponent
6 Woes of toes
7 Yellow-brick way
8 Come as far as
9 Groups that make a sound like lovemaking?
10 Queer in Quebec
11 Disgruntled fan’s cry
12 Kitchen coating
13 Enjoys a good hard workout
18 Be a ham in “Hamlet”?
19 Yorkshire city
24 Domestic
26 Bitch role of ’50s television
30 Garment with a flared bottom
31 Reddish-orange fruit
32 Composer Leonard
33 Hit the decks
34 Album item
35 With 37-Down, movie in which 17-Across plays 43-Across
37 Fellows may receive them
39 See 35-Down
40 Wide-eyed ones
45 D.C. summer hrs.
46 U. degrees
47 “Oh! Calcutta!” group of actors?
50 Painter Max
52 Collectible illustrator
55 Hairy twin
57 One-night-stand partner, crudely
58 Keanu in “The Matrix”

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