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By | 2011-11-03T09:00:00-04:00 November 3rd, 2011|Opinions|

Last Thursday, a 15-year-old gay teen was recorded being brutally beaten by a classmate in Union-Scioto High School of Chillicothe, Ohio. The classmate was suspended for three days. Is that a fair punishment for his attack?

I think the boy should be expelled. This was blatant! It was not a two-sided fight. This was premeditated. This child needs to be away from other students.
-Linda Busby

I agree, he should be expelled and seriously charged by police. Given how many times he hit him he should be charged as an adult with assault and battery. There is zero tolerance for weapons in schools but you can get away with beating a kid? Come on; school boards need to step up.
-Angey Wilson

Immediate and permanent expulsion. My son was beaten, hit, taunted and teased, called a girl, fag, homo and retard until he became suicidal. Suicide is permant and our home was rocked. Permanently. I am so happy that we caught it in time. If I were his mom, I’d file a police report and be screaming at the top of my lungs in every meeting at any place where anyone would listen to me. That’s what I did, and it saved my son’s life.
-Karen Nichols

A three-day suspension is not sufficient. The attack was premeditated, recorded, and then shown off. The bully needs counseling to undo whatever taught him that violent behavior like this is acceptable. The school needs training and outreach to better recognize and address all types of bullying. Our states need enumerated anti-bullying bills. It is everyone’s job to stop the silence around this!
-Gabe Javier

This is atrocious. Why should it matter what enumeration is on the books currently to take decisive and fair action in this situation? The administration who made this decision should be investigated, and charges should be brought against the attacker. This is clearly premeditated, and should be dealt with accordingly.
-Anthony Michael Wagner

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