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Hedges’ Moms

By |2019-01-30T16:44:38-05:00January 30th, 2019|Entertainment, Puzzles|

1 Potent leader
5 Peter I, for one
9 It could explode in your mouth, in a gag
14 Brightly colored
15 Top drawer
16 Venue of “Spartacus”
17 Ron Howard film with Ellen DeGeneres
18 Winslet of “The Reader”
19 Type of call
20 She plays the mom of Lucas Hedges in 31-Across
23 Showy bloomers
24 Goes down
27 It connects Dick to Dyke
28 How a guy may approach his boyfriend?
31 Lucas Hedges movie about a family struggling with gay conversion
35 Hopkins of “Bosom Buddies”
36 “Got ya!”
37 Prepared, like fruit
39 Toto’s home st.
40 Sounds like Harvey Fierstein?
43 Lucas Hedges flick about a mom and son struggling with drug addiction
46 Slaves row them for their masters
48 Maugham’s “Cakes and ___ ”
49 Eat away at
50 Debbie Harry’s old band
54 She plays the mom of Lucas Hedges in 43-Across
57 Mexican friend of Maya Angelou?
60 Like the 13 Amer. colonies
61 ___ up (come clean)
62 Dorothy, to Em
63 When doubled, Mork’s good-bye
64 Isherwood’s ” ___ Camera”
65 Chat room request
66 On the calm side
67 Parker of “South Park”

1 Erect
2 Concern of GLAAD and NLGJA
3 Lumberjack’s first cut
4 Entail
5 Enjoy a bed, perhaps
6 Emulates three men in a tub
7 Opposition member
8 Clarinet part
9 Minnelli hit of 1972
10 Hard shaft material
11 GM make
12 Aardvark entree
13 “Rebel Without a Cause” director Nicholas
21 One with a tricky tongue
22 Summer Billings hrs.
25 Kevin Isom’s “It Only Hurts When I ___ ”
26 Singer Yma from Peru
28 Colette’s fathers
29 Forbidden fruit site
30 Propane holder
31 One way to San Francisco
32 Midwest hub
33 Arafat once of Middle East politics
34 Know, to Frida
38 Much of many a Shakespearean play
41 “The Laramie ___ ”
42 Entices into the sack, perhaps
44 Neatnik’s opposite
45 Live Aid, e.g.
47 Rev. White of Soulforce
50 Juice for your pickle
51 Dismal, to Dickinson
52 Lancelot’s “C’est Moi,” translated
53 Francis Bacon work
55 Island of Barrie’s land
56 Russian inland sea
57 T or F, on exams
58 Problem of Harold in “The Boys in the Band”
59 Some like it hot




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