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Holiday messages sent and received

By |2005-11-24T09:00:00-05:00November 24th, 2005|Uncategorized|

The holiday season kicks off this week with Thanksgiving. It is a special time of the year, providing us a chance to reflect on joys and sorrows and to give thanks for the many things in our lives that create happiness, contentment, security and peace.
Our community, family and friends are the bedrock of a fulfilled life and as LGBT people we creatively value our families – both biological and chosen. We build community by knowing each other and supporting our groups and organizations. We acknowledge our friends – those close to us and the ones who stand with us as political allies. Without them our lives would be more dangerous, more hollow and more lonely.
At the Transgender Day of Remembrance event, which we report about in this issue, Michael Odom of La Comunidad said that hate crimes are “message crimes.” He’s right. The crimes are intended to silence us, to drive us away from each other, to intimidate and isolate us. The Day of Remembrance Event rebukes all those intents. The more the LGBT community gets attacked, the more we stand together, sending messages of unity and hope.
In the ever-ridiculous Fred Phelps carnival last weekend, peace protesters at the University of Michigan were able to enjoy one another, build community and prove once again that we can prevail if we stand together. There was a time when Phelps frightened LGBT people, and legitimate people of faith were concerned that they would be tainted by his hatefulness. He’s a pitiful charlatan that fools no one any longer. That is, in part, because the LGBT community and our allies have met him each time and countered with a positive message of hope, love and togetherness.
It can be harder to be kind and generous instead of small-minded and vindictive. It takes more thought and concern, but it always results in stronger relationships with friends, family and allies. It is worth the effort and sends the right message to ourselves, our friends and to those who want to silence us.
So at this time of Thanksgiving and joy, we send a message to you, our readers, that we appreciate your support, your attention to the issues that affect all our lives and your commitment to building a stronger LGBT community and family in Michigan.

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BTL Staff
Between The Lines has been publishing LGBTQ-related content in Southeast Michigan since the early '90s. This year marks the publication's 27th anniversary.