Roe v. Wade Was Just Overturned. Now What?

It is an all-hands-on-deck moment in Michigan and our nation. Today’s opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade should be a siren blaring in the night, waking people up from every corner of the country and motivating them to take action — [...]


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1 Disney canine

6 Word after “Hail Mary”

10 A little behind

14 Bright, to editors

15 For most students

16 With mouth wide open

17 Bear

18 Penetrate slowly

19 Burning software

20 Murphy, whose three favorite icons from _Hollywood_ are in this puzzle

21 _Pillow Talk_ star

23 Bad day for Caesar

25 Plug extension

26 Orbital high point

29 Old people may take them out for a blow job

34 Lullaby composer

35 Anatomical passage

36 Milk, in a way

37 With 38-Across, _GWTW_ Best Supporting Actress winner

38 See 37-Across

40 Poem of Sappho

41 Ebenezer’s exclamation

42 With respect to

43 Mound accessory

47 Dorothyís home

49 Prep for a marathon, with “up”

50 Fork feature

51 The first Chinese American Hollywood movie star

55 Startled cry

58 One with a foamy head

59 Voyeur’s confession

60 Writer Dykewomon

62 Male escort

63 Conn of _Grease_

64 _The Wizard of Oz_ producer Mervyn

65 They’re performing, in _Fame_

66 Leave in the text

67 Rimbaud’s room



1 Peter the Great, for one

2 Prefix for fruit for Rita Mae Brown

3 China setting

4 _ ___ in the Garden of Good and Evil_

5 Drench Trump in a Russian video

6 Colombian coins

7 Mapa of _Switched at Birth_

8 Chiang Kai-___

9 Really sucked

10 Martin of _Ed Wood_

11 Processes wine or cheese

12 That’s bull, to Frida

13 Ghostbusters role

21 Witherspoon of _Legally Blonde 2_

22 Part of UHF

24 She danced with Whoopi in _Ghost_

26 Can’t bear

27 Madrid museum

28 One of the “Maneater” singers

29 Joltin’ Joe

30 Cut glass

31 Archaeological sites

32 Former NFL player Tuaolo

33 Tennis star that goes either way?

39 Kopay’s team

41 Tend tots

44 Wearer of wax wings

45 Locale for Brando’s _Apocalypse Now_

46 Brady Bunch hair style, at times

47 Family

48 Kushner’s _ ___ in America_

50 Namely

51 _Mamma Mia!_ band

52 Not even once, to Dickinson

53 Straight, to mixologists

54 Get one’s feet wet

55 Dixie Chicks’ “Goodbye ___”

56 Organic compound

57 Danny of _The Court Jester_

61 DeLaria of comedy


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