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Hotter Than July Fine Arts Exhibition 2018 Photo Gallery

Eve Kucharski
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A collection of some of Detroit’s most prominent LGBTQ artists’ work, the Hotter Than July Fine Arts Exhibition was held on Thursday, July 26. Curated by self-taught artist Geno Harris, its chosen art will stay on display at Detroit’s Carr Center through Monday, Aug. 13. Harris, who has curated the exhibit for the fourth time this year, said that displaying art that shows LGBTQ people in a positive light is something he is both happy and eager to do.

“What I’ve explained before is that these exhibitions that I do are not solely for LGBTQ people,” he said. “It is for those who want to know and understand more about people who identify as LGBTQ. It’s really important for me to let people know that we’re the same as you.”

Below is a gallery of some of this year’s attendees. To see the full article about this year’s attendees click here.

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