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How does it make you feel?

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Dear BTL,
When the election results were tallied this year I found myself really angry. Yes, I was sad and disappointed that so many people would vote to discriminate against me – everyone knew there was a chance the proposal would pass. But once it actually did, I was unprepared for the intensity of anger I felt.
And with the anger, the approval of Proposal 2 made me want to lash out at all the organized religions out there that were dictating the laws by which I was supposed to adhere. I have always respected my friends’ and families’ religious beliefs, but since the institutions binding their beliefs are actively eroding my rights, I’m not so inclined to be respectful.
I want to walk into churches with large groups of gay people, all proudly wearing large rainbow banners and kiss right there in church. I want my banner to say, “Who would Jesus discriminate against?”
I want similar groups to visit the bishops, the legislators, the White House, and ask them to stop persecuting us with their religion.
I want to sue the Catholic church for emotional distress.
I want thousands of gay people to rush the Canadian border to get married, then file joint tax returns at the end of the year and let the feds sort out the mess.
I want to litter a churchyard with thousands of crosses bearing the message, “stop persecuting the gays.”
I want to slap bumper stickers on all the cars at the mall with the slogan, “Would you jump off a cliff if your church told you to?”
Okay, so maybe I’m a little bitter right now. But who’s with me?
At least 80 others are – the ones who attended the VENT session held last Thursday night at Soho. And you, too, can be an activist – join up with lots of others interested in social change. To get connected, subscribe to a new yahoo discussion group, go to: If you don’t already have a yahoo account, you’ll have to sign up for one – it’s free. Then join us at Sunday for our first peaceful demonstration in front of Cardinal Maida’s church.
{ITAL Kathleen LaTosch

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