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MI Rep. Lipton (D-Huntington Woods) said that the best way to oppose HB 5039 that would strip cities of their local ordinances is for residents to contact their state representatives along with those who serve on the Judicial Committee. “When you contact your Representative about a piece of legislation, they are required to pass on your communication to the Representative who introduced the bill. So if people in many districts are writing to their Representatives it can prompt conversations that wouldn’t be had if they just contacted the one introducing it. We listen to our constituents, and if multiple people are contacting us about an issue it tends to get noticed.”

HB 5039 sponsor MI Rep McMillin’s legislative website is, which includes multiple methods of contact.

The Judiciary Committee Representatives are listed below, with the Emails linked to their names.

John J. Walsh (R), Committee Chair, 19th District
Kurt Heise (R), Majority Vice-Chair, 20th District
Judson S. Gilbert II (R), 81st District
Kenneth B. Horn (R), 94th District
Kurt Damrow (R), 84th District
Paul Muxlow (R), 83rd District
Bradford C. Jacobsen (R), 46th District
Peter Pettalia (R), 106th District
Pat Somerville (R), 23rd District
Kevin Cotter (R), 99th District
Mark S. Meadows (D), Minority Vice-Chair, 69th District
Bob Constan (D), 16th District
Stacy Erwin Oakes (D), 95th District
Lisa Brown (D), 39th District
Jeff Irwin (D), 53rd District
Phil Cavanagh (D), 17th District
John Olumba (D), 5th District

Another way to get involved is to be part of Unity Michigan’s Don’t Change Yourself, Change the Law campaign to mobilize people interested in making Michigan a place where any citizen can live without fear. Find our more at

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