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I Rise

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1 Brooklyn dyke neighborhood Park ___
6 Rubber vessel, perhaps
10 Hand job, for one?
14 _American Idol_ judge Callow
15 Falco of “The Sopranos”
16 “I’m ___ your tricks!”
17 Where a queen may rule
18 Mandlikova of tennis
19 Break under strain
20 Start of a quote from Madonna’s “I Rise”
23 Danny to Rosie, for short
24 Garr of _Tootsie_
25 More of the quote
30 Baudelaire’s evil
33 Humerus neighbor
34 Unknown degree
35 Canonized gay guy?
37 Baked, to Buonarroti
39 Skeptical ejaculation
41 Conger hunter
42 Rex Reed, for one
44 Straight line
46 Part used in forking around
47 Ending for lemon or lime
48 More of the quote
51 Starch source
52 Cukor’s _A Life of ___ Own_
53 End of the quote
59 Word before cock
60 Film director Kazan
61 Career option for Jack McFarland
63 Like a slick head
64 Split
65 Garson of Hollywood
66 “Don’t leave me!”
67 Bills stuffed in a stripper’s G-string
68 _Oliver Button Is a ___ _

1 The USA, perhaps, if Trump is reelected
2 Willingly, to Shakespeare
3 Barbra’s _Funny Girl_ guy
4 A fireman goes down on it
5 Put on some fishnet stockings?
6 Vacation spot in Delaware
7 Cukor’s rib donor
8 Subject to limitations
9 They help show off your oolong
10 Reagon of the Big Lovely band
11 Girl who goes both ways?
12 RBI to Glenn Burke
13 Keystone figure
21 Diva Celine
22 Practiced Vidal’s art
25 Desert plant
26 Prayer starter
27 Release from bondage
28 Women’s suffrage leader Carrie
29 She had her hand up Lamb Chop
30 Sasha Obama’s big sister
31 “Looks ___ everything”
32 The Greeks plucked around with them
36 The M in SMU (abbr.)
38 Gillen of _Queer as Folk_
40 Glory hole inserts?
43 Jockey Angel
45 Put an edge on
49 Like undies that scratch your nether parts
50 Hate crimes, for example
51 Bear type
53 Vidal’s _Rocking the ___ _
54 Scat queen Fitzgerald
55 Baseball number
56 Doctor Zhivago
57 Vein contents
58 Objectifies, sexually
59 Network for _The Ellen Show_
62 Trick’s tail?





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