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Images from Perceptions Event

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Images 1-3, the Perceptions building, 4. Fred Eland, 5. Jeff Illig, Brent Theisen, Dann Federico, Kay Sural, Joel Payne, Douglas Barron, diedra knox, Leo Romo, Alan Shinaver, Tim Atkinson, Tom Brubaker, Rick Farrand, Jim Secor, Jim Kliensorge, Daphne Barkley, Roger Majeske, Kathy Lloyd, 6. Douglas Barron, Brian Goff, 7. Leo Romo, Tom Brubaker, 8. Jim Secor, Shawn Nicoles, Jim Kleinsorge, Greg Kimbal, Roger Majeske, Daphne Barkley, Joel Payne, 9. Charissa Urbano, Jeff Illig, 10. Tim Atkinson, Brian Goff, Douglas Barron, Alan Shinaver, 11. Shawn Nicoles, Kelly More, Daphne Barkley, Joel Payne, Sally Mims, 12. Mike Mercer, 13. Leo Romo, Bill Giorgis, 14. Tom Brubaker, Bill Giorgis, Tim Atkinson, 15. Janis Russell, 16. diedra knox, 17. Current Perceptions Board: Dann Federico, Tom Brubaker, Kathy Lloyd, Jim Kleinsorge, Kay Sural, diedra knox, Rick Ferrand, Leo Romo, Tim Atkinson, Daphne Barkley, Joel Payne, Sally Mims, 18. Roger Majeske, Greg Kimball, 19. Armando Falcon, Spencer Tobias, 20. Janis Russell, Kay Suran. Images 4-20 by Kari Helm.

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