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Inside China Automotive Conference Nov. 19

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According to, China continues to “be the world’s largest vehicle market with the Chinese government expecting that automobile output will reach 30 million units by 2020 and 35 million by 2025.” With that kind of projected growth, it’s imperative that those involved in Michigan’s automotive industry understand how that will impact not only China’s industry but U.S. production. To aid in that the University of Michigan is hosting an automotive conference called Inside China: Understanding China’s Current and Future Automotive Industry on Tuesday, Nov. 19.
“Our 12th annual Inside China Automotive Conference features insights by manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and UM experts on the current and future prospects for the automotive industry in China,” wrote event organizers. “This year the Chinese auto industry is facing another major test as growth levels off and foreign manufacturers continue to take advantage of the government’s decision to allow foreign manufacturers to increase their share of their joint venture companies. And this is happening in the midst of a trade war with the U.S.”
The event’s speakers will discuss what this means for the future of the industry as well as analysis of current and potential future trends.
“The sales environment, trade issues, the New Energy Vehicle mandates and subsidies, labor issues, as well the global ambitions of their domestic manufacturers and suppliers will all be discussed,” said event organizers. “As with past conferences, we will focus on future industry trends in market structure and the roles of both the domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.”
Some of the questions addressed are: “Can the government increase consumer confidence to support lagging sales?” and “How, if at all, will foreign companies change their relationship with their joint venture partners?”
To find out more about this event visit Companies or groups interested in sponsoring this conference should contact Bruce Belzowski at [email protected] or 734-936-2704.

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