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Inspired Life Counseling Offers Couples Counseling

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Lauren Tatarsky has been deeply involved in spiritual guidance and therapy for a while now. She has been a Hatha yoga teacher since 2010, and received a master of arts in spiritual guidance from Sofia University. Tatarsky is a spiritual counselor who offers a variety of different sessions through Inspired Life Counseling, ranging from one-on-one sessions, group workshops and couples counseling. Tatarsky said its efficacy surprises people.
“A good friend of mine, and fellow counselor, told me recently that on her birthday, she made sure to schedule a couples counseling session with her partner and their therapist,” Tatarsky said. “We laughed because maybe it takes a counselor to understand why that’s the best birthday gift ever. If you find that strange or worse, I’ll tell you it’s because having a guide that deepens your connection to and understanding of the person you love is far more powerful than you might think. It’s also nourishing and awakening, which makes for a great birthday gift if you ask me.”
She said that counseling can be useful to anyone who attends, even for those couples who aren’t going through a rough patch.
“I believe we all should have couples counseling. I think we all need it because there are always issues that arise in relationships and if we have support and skills to work through them in conscious ways, they can be the most transformative and impactful moments of personal growth,” Tatarsky said. “Personal growth shared with an intimate partner is powerful in ways that are hard to explain. Seeing one another deeply, understanding what is beneath the surface and bringing it to view, supporting one another in our pain and in our deep human needs are all things that show up when we engage with our partner in the presence of a strong facilitator.”
So, if this holiday season, a spouse or significant other presents their partner with a session at Inspired Life Counseling, it doesn’t mean that the relationship is weak. It could mean they are attempting to get even closer.
“And like my friend,” Tatarsky said, “even in times of smooth sailing, couples counseling can deepen your intimacy and love in seriously nourishing ways.”
Inspired Life Counseling offers a variety different sessions. For more information, go online to The counseling center is located at 2350 Washtenaw Ave., Suite 3, Ann Arbor.

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