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Is It Unusual to Feel Late-Onset Arm Pain After Getting the Monkeypox Vaccine? 

'It happens,' says Dr. Benson of Be Well Medical Center

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What’s with the late-onset arm pain after getting your monkeypox vaccine

Sure, it’s not unusual that, when getting any kind of vaccination, you might experience some tenderness at the site of injection. The use of JYNNEOS, which is a subcutaneous injection administered into the fatty tissue in the back of the arm, is no different. 

For me, I experienced no pain for the first few days, no pain even on the fifth day. But by the sixth day: pain. Not unbearable, especially when compared to what folks with monkeypox are reporting, but a kind of achy, delayed pain that surprised me. 

The site of injection swelled into a red, hard knot-like lump. I wasn’t at all concerned, but I had never experienced a vaccine shot that only started hurting days after I got it. Saturday marks two weeks since I got the first dose; the pain persists. 

This is common, as post-vax testimonials on Twitter will tell you:

So, why exactly are some people experiencing more pain than others when getting a dose of JYNNEOS? Essentially for the same reason any injection affects people differently, says Dr. Benson of Be Well Medical Center in Berkley.

“There are many reasons why someone could experience soreness after an injection,” he told Pride Source. “It may be the medication or vaccine itself. It may be the technique of the person that administered the injection. It may be idiopathic, meaning there is no apparent reason for it. We see this phenomenon all the time. Most of the time it is not an issue and self-limiting. It happens.” 

Benson recommends icing the area and taking ibuprofen to ease any discomfort, adding that, “If the area is extremely tender or draining they should see a professional for evaluation.”

For more information on monkeypox, including vaccination sites, check out Pride Source’s “What You Need to Know” guide.

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