Jaye Spiro’s karate school teaches confidence

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By Ruth Seymour

FERNDALE – Jaye Spiro’s Mejishi Martial Arts school (see story, opposite) offers weekend workshops and ongoing instruction in numerous areas, including karate, fitness aerobics, self-defense skills and Filipino Arnis (stick fighting).
Classes range from beginning (white belt) to expert (brown/black belt. Classes are available for women, men, boys and girls of all ages ). Some scholarships are available to low-income or unemployed participants.
Among the winter and spring offerings are:
Beginning Karate for Young People. (Free trial class: Monday, March 3.) Children are taught in two age groups: 4-6 years old and 7-12 years old. Children practice respect for themselves and others, achieving goals, meeting challenges, performing confidently, physical skills and self-defense in an atmosphere of encouragement and fun. This class meets twice weekly after school. ($45/month or $115/quarter).
Kick-Aerobics. (Free introductory class, anytime.) This training class combines stretching, strengthening and cardio-vascular exercise with punching, jabbing, kicking, striking, blocking and footwork drills. No uniform, no belts, no contact — only the willingness to work hard and do your best are required. ($45/month).
“Women of Courage: Confront the Shadow.” This half-day class in self-defense is suitable for the courageous beginner or the woman with self-defense training. It offers the chance to strike full-force blows to a black-belt male who is completely padded and intent upon forcing them down onto a mat. The action-packed class empowers women by helping them confront their worst fears in a supportive atmosphere. (Saturday, March 29, $49.)

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