Jim Toy Center Hosts Chipotle Fundraiser May 1

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Few LGBTQ activists receive the same amount of recognition as Jim Toy has. Over the past 40 years, he has resolved himself to providing a safe spaces for LGBTQ people across the state of Michigan, and even has a dedicated Ann Arbor-based LGBTQ center in his name. Notably, Toy was also responsible for establishing the first campus center devoted to support sexual minority group members.
For those interested in supporting the community center as well as Ann Arbor Pride 2018, they can purchase dinner at the Chipotle at 235 S. State St., in Ann Arbor on Tuesday, May 1.
To make sure that 50 percent of the proceeds go to these LGBTQ causes, show the cashier the Facebook event on a phone. The flyer can be found by going online to gaybe.am/os.

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