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Katie Scott – Washtenaw County Board Commissioner

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Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners’ first lesbian commissioner Katie Scott described her win this November as a victory for the blue wave, women’s wave and progressive wave. Advocating for labor unions and improving public health are two of her top priorities in the coming year, she said, in addition to safeguarding the rights of LGBTQ county workers.
“We’re seeing these increased attacks on the LGBTQ community, particularly the trans community,” Scott said. “I would really like to the see contract protections instituted for those workers across the county. When you put that into a contract that’s legally binding, there are protections for LGBTQ people against harassment at work … having those protections can serve to make them feel comfortable, happy and productive at work.”
Scott will continue to work as a nurse at the University of Michigan and serve on the Michigan Nurses Association board into the new year. Additionally, she hopes to pursue a leadership position on the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners alongside Jason Morgan, the board’s first openly gay commissioner.
“It’s fun to think about the members who are LGBT also being in leadership positions on the county board,” she said. “I love what it says to young people who are growing up to see out and active individuals serving not only in politics but in leadership positions, and who embrace who they are. It’s a positive message, especially for young people who feel isolated and scared of the future.”

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