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Lady of Spain

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1 One of the Three Bears
5 Sites for three men in a tub
9 Dave Pallone and others
13 Hertz competitor
14 “A” in radio lingo
15 Witty Coward
16 Lairs of bears
17 Petty of “A League of Their Own”
18 Claim innocence of
19 Miss Spain in this year’s 34-Across pageant
22 Prefix with media
23 Scare the pants off of
27 Deems necessary
30 Twin city of Mary Richards’ Minneapolis.
31 Bus. school course
33 Tom of “Philadelphia”
34 Beauty pageant that recently had its first 50-Across contestant
38 Campbell of “Martin”
39 Practice boxing
40 Like Fiennes’s Shakespeare
42 With petticoat exposed?
49 Language of Leif
50 Like 19-Across
53 Royal threesome
56 Fly like a falcon
57 Men behaving badly
58 Second fruit eater
59 Columnist Bombeck
60 Sexologist Shere
61 Choice for Hamlet
62 A Scout may do a good one
63 ___ about

1 Brothel bosses
2 Q, in a theater
4 Nice buns, e.g.?
5 Room for Frida
6 Plunk down
7 Kinky coifs
8 Peter and Mary
9 Like an eagle, for Sheehan
10 Howard of a comic threesome
11 Whitman’s tool
20 It has a hole and you put it in your mouth
21 Keener of “Capote”
24 South Beach mementos
26 Dottermans of “Antonia’s Line”
28 Hosp. ward
29 Loads
32 They may show through a wet T-shirt
35 Man or Lesbos
36 “The L Word” channel
37 Kilmer of “The Doors”
38 7th notes in “Do-Re-Mi”
41 Used rubbers
43 Something to save for a rainy day
44 Make like Mychal Judge, e.g.
46 Less likely to use the tongue
48 Make noise in bed
51 ___-sex marriage
52 New alum
53 Where wrestlers lie together
54 “Much ___ About Nothing”
55 Gift of Ellen



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