Lee Hayes’ ‘Passion Marks’

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By Imani Williams

Lee Hayes examines the often secret world of domestic violence in LGBT relationships with his first novel, “Passion Marks.” Hayes takes a realistic look at same sex domestic violence through the eyes of Kevin; a young, intelligent, Master’s-leveled gay brother. Kevin’s inability to deal with the circumstances of his identical twin brother’s death sends Kevin into the arms of a lover who is waiting to make someone who has low self esteem his victim.
To the onlooker, it seems as if Kevin and and his lover James live a charmed life in one of Houston’s most exclusive subdivisions. Kevin goes for the trappings of what ‘looks’ like love. They share a beautiful home, Kevin drives a new Mercedes, compliments of his man, and dresses in the finest while making excuse after excuse for the physical, verbal, and emotional abuse he endures at the hands of James. Somewhere between the new clothes and furniture Kevin loses sight of his MBA, and accepts James’ ultimatum that he not work and instead tend to their home. Even being hospitalized four times from the abuse doesn’t persuade Kevin to leave. As Kevin’s friends see him changing they try and get him to open up and share the real deal of what’s going on in his life.
This page turner keeps you in suspense as you pray and hope that Kevin will get away from the twisted manipulations of James, or that James will get some help to stop being so destructive and abusive.
Kevin has to learn the art of forgiveness for himself so that he can let go of his twin’s death and free himself of the hold that allows him to stay with an abusive partner. This one makes an excellent case for getting to know yourself first, and examining the other party thoroughly, before giving your heart.

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