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Letter: Just thinking about sex…

By |2007-09-20T09:00:00-04:00September 20th, 2007|Opinions|

As a gay man, its easy to stand on the side and shake a shameful finger at the hypocrit who I think he (Larry Craig) probably is. But, I think we are missing an important perspective on this story, one that comes from my own experience of being intimidated by cops for doing nothing. Craig didn’t do anything other than flirt with another man in a public place. He didn’t even have sex that everyone is afraid children will walk in on. If just thinking about having sex is enforced in a situation like this, then all the open and closeted gay, bisexual and even straight-identified men who communicate with another man because they want to have sex should be arrested too. And isn’t that all of us? If Craig is able to have his guilty plea reversed, then why aren’t all the others who were charged just for flirting found innocent too?
Perhaps Craig will serve our community despite his views because he will force the police to justify arresting someone for just touching another man’s foot, or waiting for a stall, or even looking at another man funny – where does it stop? If we actively support Mr. Craig, America may actually understand the pain that thousands of men every year endure by being exposed in public for a victimless crime – sometimes even having their names published in newspapers.
For many of them too, pleading guilty was the only way to make the mess go away so their families wouldn’t find out. Unfortunately most of them don’t have the resources that Craig does to hire the lawyers to reverse the plea.I think this could be a valuable opportunity to teach America that shame is what draws men to situations like these, and Larry Craig is not the first one to be caught. Laws either need to be applied equally to people or removed from the books.
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Douglas Copp

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