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Letter to the editor

By | 2003-03-27T09:00:00-05:00 March 27th, 2003|Uncategorized|

I must respectfully disagree with the suggestiveness of the “State of the State” article and editorial that appeared in this week’s “Between The Lines.”
In her State of the State speech, Governor Granholm emphasized that her appointed cabinet is “… white, black, Asian and Hispanic. It is female and male, fresh-faced and veteran. It draws from city and suburb and farm, east and west, north, south and central.”
BTL conveyed disappointment that the lgbt community was not mentioned, but what is Michigan’s lgbt community, if not all those things?
Gay people are not one race of people, they do not come from one geographic area and they are not just female or male. Gay people are everyday people. Were the Governor to categorize us as anything else, she’d be categorizing us apart from all the other characteristics we share with society.
She has more than proven her respect and serious concern for the lgbt community, by holding her own against anti-gay attacks from her opponent in last year’s general election. And her appointment of openly gay individuals in the new administration shows that she will not back down from a fully inclusive vision of One Michigan.
LGBT Michiganians have a friend at the highest level of state government for the next four years. We know where she stands. Let’s allow here the opportunity to take small steps, and make great strides, toward equality and recognition, before we threaten to boycott her re-election.

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