LGBTQ Drama ‘Rafiki’ Screens at Cinema Detroit May 24-30

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Originally banned in its country of origin, Kenya, “Rafiki” is the story of two young women who fall in love in a society that criminalizes their relationship. The film, which made international ripples after its ban was taken up to the country’s supreme court where it was lifted for seven days for Academy Award consideration, is set to be shown at Cinema Detroit from May 24 through 30. Paula Guthat is the co-founder and programmer at the venue. She said “Rafiki” is an important film to be shown so that, among other reasons, director Wanuri Kahiu can share her message of love and hope with a large audience.
“I think it’s been a pretty big hit worldwide. More people have seen it around the world than have seen it in Kenya which is ridiculous. When people see the movie they won’t believe it’s banned, but homosexuality is still a crime in Kenya.” Guthat said. “They were willing to show it if she made some changes but those changes would have completely subverted what the director was trying to do, which was to show a relationship that happens to be between two women.”
Guthat went on to say that showing “Rafiki” is a good way to draw attention to international issues of inclusion.
“I think it’s important to see how underrepresented voices see the world, to see other parts of the world and to broaden horizons so we see what’s going on elsewhere. And also because it’s 95 percent a fun film that really does celebrate love,” Guthat said. “And I think we can all use that. And I think there’s amazing work coming out of all parts of the world, not just here.”
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