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Chris Azzopardi
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Bringing a partner home to the rest of the family for the first time can add to the stress of the holiday season. And if this sounds like something you’re about to experience, Logo wants to know about it for their 2007 series “Be Real.”
“Is it going to be the ‘Meet the Fockers’ type of experience?” said Tania McKeown, producer of the show.
McKeown notes that the holidays are a time when families reconnect and introduce significant others to the family. For LGBT people, it’s generally more challenging, she said. “We have hopes that our families will behave and our partners will behave.”
“Home for the Holidays” will be one of several stories Logo will profile with a “coming home” theme in late spring. The show will tell stories that demonstrate a reclaiming of faith, of family and of pride. By following people who will come out at their high school reunion, or celebrate a milestone in a relationship or those starting over in a new town, “Be Real” will chart the challenges and triumphs of the modern American LGBT experience.
“There’s a real emphasis on celebrities … and more public gay life but what they (Logo) really wanted to show was real people, sort of everyday people,” McKeown said. “These are stories that resonate with everyone.”

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