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Many Happy (Election) Returns

By |2018-12-05T15:54:50-05:00December 5th, 2018|Entertainment, Puzzles|


1 They get checked at bathhouses
4 Abbreviated Broadway musical?
8 First out governor Kate, who was reelected
13 Prefix with classical
14 Antigay prejudice, e.g.
15 Milk, in Madrid
16 Mineo, who played Plato
17 “All’s Well That ___ Well”
18 Emma Stone plays a beard in this movie
19 Rights law upheld by Massachusetts voters
22 Whoopi, et al., at the Oscars
23 Underdog victories
27 Fruit cover
28 “___ Ordinary Man” (“My Fair Lady”)
31 Squealer
32 Lay in the hammock
34 Role for Madonna or LuPone
36 Sharice Davids, first LGBTQ ___ elected to congress
40 “Hollywood Squares” choice
41 Church sections
42 Saint, in Rio
43 Daly of “Judging Amy”
44 Home of the Bruins
48 “Claire of the Moon” actor Todd
51 Greet with loud laughter
53 Kim Davis, who lost the race for this office
56 Blue bottoms
59 “Houston, we have a problem”
60 Reagan’s Star Wars letters
61 Like an eagle in flight
62 Pride of lions?
63 Half a score
64 First gay man elected governor Jared
65 Title for Uncle Remus’ bear
66 AARP members

1 It’s found under the tongue
2 Diary entry start by Anais Nin?
3 Comfort in sorrow
4 Hardly like a muscle Mary
5 Even bigger than a bed for a queen
6 Fill with freight
7 The A in GLARP (abbr.)
8 Censor’s sound
9 Tails of the city, when cruising?
10 Place for future Lts.
11 Porter’s “___ Shouldn’t I?”
12 PBS helper
20 “South Pacific” heroine
21 Plague for payment
24 Mabius of “Ugly Betty”
25 “Toodles”
26 Gay-dog owner on TV
29 Former labor leader George
30 Darrin Stevens, for one
33 St. crosser
34 Preposition that goes either way
35 Type of aids
36 First of the Democratic ass drawers
37 Tutti-frutti ingredient
38 “Star Trek” counselor Deanna
39 Who should be against homophobia
43 T, to a “Homer-phile”
45 Wave tops
46 “Harder days, empty ___ days” (“Oliver!”)
47 Big name in dieting
49 Field of Ursula Le Guin
50 Ellen DeGeneres and others
52 Earth tone
54 Ready to get drilled by the dentist
55 Direction for seamen
56 Race unit in “The Front Runner”
57 “Xanadu” band, for short
58 Tennessee foot player


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