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Lawyers for two groups opposed to equal marriage told a state appeals court March 25 that a domestic partners law is illegal and should be overturned because lawmakers undermined the will of voters who passed a ballot initiative that defined marriage as between a man and a woman. The law represents the nation’s most sweeping recognition of domestic partner rights after Vermont’s recognition of civil unions for gay couples. It grants registered couples virtually every spousal right available under state law except the ability to file joint income taxes.

The Georgia Supreme Court has refused to let lawmakers go to court to defend the amendment banning marriage equality. Opponents have challenged the amendment saying it was unconstitutionally misleading because language on the November ballot only dealt with marriage, while the actual amendment also addresses civil unions and refusing to recognize marriages from other states. A ruling is expected in the next 10 days.

Kansas: Dozens of Kansas ministers want to make it clear that not all clergy in the state support a constitutional amendment to ban equal marriage. A letter to the public signed by more than 50 ministers says the amendment violates basic principals of all faiths, which is to treat people equally, with love and respect. The amendment will be put before voters April 5.

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