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Lawmaker plans equal marriage bill
MONTPELIER, Vt. – A Burlington lawmaker introduced a bill to expand marriage to same-sex couples. Same-sex Vermont couples currently are able to enter into civil unions, akin to but separate from marriage. Vermont was the first state to recognize same-sex relationships when it created civil unions.

Equal marriage bill reintroduced
PROVIDENCE – A Democratic state Senator introduced a bill to legalize equal marriage rights in Rhode Island Jan. 24. A state Representative introduced a similar bill in the House Jan. 25.

Legislature wrestles with equal marriage ruling
ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Republican lawmakers say they are close to forcing a vote on a constitutional amendment banning equal marriage rights in Maryland.
A delegate said Jan. 26 that he has 44 of 47 signatures needed to bring his proposed amendment to a full House vote.
Marriage rights are limited to dual-sex couples in the state, but a Baltimore judge has ruled that law unconstitutional. The decision is being appealed.

Proposal revives marriage debate
HARRISBURG, Pa. – Legislation introduced in both the House and Senate would amend Pennsylvania’s constitution to reinforce an existing ban on equal marriage rights and prohibit recognizing the rights of cohabiting heterosexual couples.
Constitutional amendments must pass the General Assembly in each of two successive two-year sessions, then win voter approval in a statewide referendum; the earliest that could happen is 2007.

Anti-gay marriage ban approved
RICHMOND, Va. – Virginia lawmakers gave final approval Jan. 26 to an amendment to ban equal marriage rights, despite warnings the measure is so broadly worded it could have dire unintended consequences for all unmarried couples.
The Senate vote, combined with the House’s earlier passage, clears the way for the proposed amendment to be placed on the November ballot.

Anti-equal marriage amendment proposed
BOISE, Idaho – A Republican House leader has proposed a constitutional amendment to limit domestic legal unions to a man and a woman in Idaho.
The bill must win two-thirds majority approval in the House and Senate before going before voters next November.

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