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MI House Republicans back away from ‘license to bully’ bill

By |2011-11-10T09:00:00-05:00November 10th, 2011|News|

LANSING – A spokesman for MI House Speaker Jase Bolger (R-Marshall) said Bolger is working on a compromise that will ‘bring everyone to the middle of the road and provide protection to all student.” Bolger was reacting to the uproar created over the Michigan Senate’s passage of the ‘license to bully’ bill.
Ari Adler, Bolger’s spokesman, said, “We are working on the situation to try to take care of the language in the Senate bill that the House Republicans cannot support,” said Ari Adler, Bolger’s spokesman, thereby confirming that House Republicans do not support the Senate’s version of Matt’s Safe Law,
Senate Bill 137 goes to the Michigan House Education Committee this week. Emily Dievendorf, Equality Michigan’s political director, is urging people to contact the committee members and encourage them to, “remove the offensive and unnecessary license to bully based on religious beliefs, add comprehensive enumerated language that the Governor called for, and pass an effective law right away.”
Go to http://www.equalitymi.org for details on the hearing and for a complete listing of the committee members and their contact information.

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