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Michigan Pride Entertainers

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Sara Celina‘s determined soul initially announced a hunger to be a singer/songwriter, and then a mere three months later she was wowing a crowd at Detroit’s famous C-POP Gallery. All of this, by the way, without knowing a single chord prior. Unmistakably becoming a musician finally freed the songs already written within her. The result is a combination of tantalizing lyrics, backed by addictive tunes.

Sensual all-female, British rock trio Syren has been touring the mid-western United States for the past five months and repeatedly shaking audiences. Their penetrating lyrics, tight musicianship and addictive songs have gained them recognition from the Toledo/Detroit area all the way down to Florida.

Intuitions, a one-man electronic band residing in, fuses pop, goth, dance, new age and rock for a unique blend of sonic flair. Kirk A. Chukalas, the composer, vocalist and lyricist, began by experimenting with drum machines and keyboards, which grew into mammoth ideas and expanded into strong feelings of emotion – the muse for the band’s name.

Detroit-based group Bridgewater, inspired by classic rock, jazz and blues, started out as a garage band in April of last year. They still are, but a new bass player has opened the doors to an inflated easy-listening sound.

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