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Mike Cox’s last stand

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Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has done it again.
The passage of Proposal 2 in 2004, which amended the state constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman, and the subsequent battle Cox led to make sure that said law meant that same-sex couples would receive no rights in our state, was a years-long stab in the hearts of LGBT and allied Michiganders. In an effort to continue to pour salt on the wounds, Cox has taken it upon himself to tout the fact that Michigan’s name is on to the amicus brief filed last week “defending marriage” in the Proposition 8 case currently set to be heard in the 9th District Court of Appeals in December.
Said Cox in a Sept. 27 press release: “Traditional marriage between one man and one woman is a foundational institution of our society, and the federal government and judicial activists should not interfere with the states’ protection of marriage. The recent decision to overturn California’s marriage amendment threatens marriage laws in Michigan and 44 other states, and it should be reversed.”
He went on to point out how “the democratic choice to support traditional marriage” should be “respected and preserved” and gave a laundry list of all the things he has done to ensure that gays cannot receive any rights in their relationships in Michigan.
It’s just another action showing that not only does Cox not support or care about Michigan’s LGBT citizens, but he goes out of his way to label our state as one unwelcoming of “non-traditional” people and relationships. Out of those 44 states that do not allow same-sex marriages, only 10 felt it necessary to take the time to fight anti-gay Californians’ battle since they’re already done ruining the lives of LGBT citizens in their own state. Michigan was one of those 10, joining Indiana, Virginia, Louisiana, Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah and Wyoming.
This move comes after word about Cox staff lawyer Andrew Shirvell penning a blog bashing the University of Michigan’s gay student body president spread like wildfire through local and national media. Cox’s only response to his employee’s borderline harassment of the student? To call Shirvell “unprofessional.”
And yet, unlike many other Michiganders, Shirvell still has his job. And despite a slew of messages, Facebook groups and public backlash demanding that Shirvell be fired, Cox’s office would offer no comment on the matter, making his reprimand seem like little more than a wag of the finger when what was deserved was a boot out the door.
So pat yourself on the back a little more, Cox, for “defending traditional marriage” and keeping bigots in work in a state with a 13.1-percent unemployment rate. But just remember that plenty of Michigan voters spoke up in the Aug. 3 primaries, too, making it overwhelmingly clear that they don’t want you anywhere near their government anymore, let alone running it as the next governor.
Between The Lines urges its readers to continue to keep people like Cox out of our state government. Research your candidates and be sure to vote on Nov. 2.

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