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This Bisexual Detroit Rapper Is Shook After Hearing Her Voice In a New Beyoncé Ad (and TBH, So Are We)

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Most people will never hear their own voice when watching an ad for Beyoncé’s own clothing line. But most people are not Milfie, a self-described “bad bitch” whose music is featured in the newly released trailer for the latest drop from Bey’s high-end athleisure brand, Ivy Park Rodeo.

On Aug. 6, Milfie, who is bisexual, took to Twitter to make the announcement. And, honestly, if we were her, we’d be this excited too. 

“MY VOCALS ARE ON THE NEW @WeAreIvyPark COMMERCIAL!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK,” she writes, followed by four crying face emojis. “I’m so out done!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!”


The ad is literally fire, as Milfie’s voice is heard over a clip of Bey strutting in a butt-baring one-piece. Flames surround her, and then the camera moves in close to her face as she sensually pulls her bottom lip down.

Responses on Twitter were congratulatory, with many people saying they were happy but not surprised, an indication that Milfie, while not yet a household name, has fierce fan support, especially in Detroit.

“Bitch you MADE IT,” reads one response. “I know that’s the fuck right congratulations!” reads another.

Milfie has been rapping “publicly” since 2015, according to RollingOut.com, and says that Bey is a big influence: “My biggest forms of influence are Trina and Beyoncé. I feel like I’m a mix between the two, and they’re packed into my tiny body.” Speaking of her body, she’s got “Bad Bitchery” tattooed across her chest. And this is definitely a “bad bitch” moment. 

“To be a bad bitch, you can’t question if you are a bad bitch; you just know,” she told The Metro Times in 2019. “It doesn’t matter where you are, you have to be a bad bitch.”

Milfie’s lyrics reflect this attitude. In the song “Candy” from 2020’s “Milfie’s House of Horrors” she raps about her sexual prowess and tripping on LSD.“You are not a factor, bitch, I’m badder, pussy fatter, with a ladder you can not reach my plateau,” she raps. Then later, “I put that candy on my tongue, baby girl, it’s LSD, moving pictures, quoting scriptures, and bringing men to their knees.”

Since 2015, the Detroiter has collaborated with a number of artists and producers including Supercoolwicked. Oba Rowland, Evol, The Monalyse, PRI$M and Whyandotte.

Two years ago she told Grungecake, “I am Milfie. I am a mother. I am a very real, very bad bitch from the westside of Detroit, Michigan. I am the Ghettotech princess of Detroit, and I am going to soon take over the world. Quote me.”

Obviously, Milfie’s newfound association with Beyoncé and the icon’s exclusive Adidas X Ivy Park line, which makes “inclusive styles for every body,” definitely brings Milfie closer to world domination. 

You can find Milfie on Instagram and Twitter @milfiebitch and on Soundcloud.

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