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1 With 9-Across and 27-Across, “In the first place, ___”
6 Title for Alec Guinness
9 See 1-Across
14 Isle of the birth state of Bette Midler
15 Aladdin’s monkey
16 She had her hand up Lamb Chop
17 Tickle pink
18 Hither’s partner
19 Engaged in, as war
20 Eleanor’s pooch
21 Plumbers go after them with their snakes
23 Bone below the elbow
24 Cash register part
25 Out-and-out nonsense
26 Stud poker demand
27 See 1-Across
30 One you may see in a shower
33 Billie Jean’s game
37 That to Juan
38 Olyphant of “The Broken Hearts Club”
42 Cole Porter, for one
43 Dusting for bottoms
45 Suffix in scandal names
46 Fruitless
47 “In the second place, ___”
52 Fairy tales and such
53 Testicles, usually
54 Medium for Frasier Crane
56 Semifrozen soft drink
59 Character of David Ogden Stiers (1942-2018) on _M*A*S*H_ and source of this puzzle’s quote
64 Wolfson of Freedom to Marry
65 Longtime _All My Children_ role
66 Continental disk
67 “The Way We ___ ”
68 Denis of “The Ref”
69 Type of balls

1 “___ My Heart in San Francisco”
2 Start of a holy name
3 ___ fours (doggy-style)
4 Writer Barney
5 Practice B&D, e.g.
6 “Roma Sub Rosa” series writer Steven
7 Source for Rita Mae Brown, for example
8 Handled at the cash register
9 One-eighty from NNE
10 “The Double Man” author
11 Two under for Sheehan
12 Where to find your favorite boxers
13 Like one that comes on the beach
21 1920 Colette novel
22 “Empress of the Blues” Bessie
28 Pansy’s place
29 Wilder’s “The Bridge of San Luis ___ ”
30 Came upon
31 Morales of movies
32 Outed, for example, with “on”
34 Songwriter Holly
35 Eurythmics’ “Would ___ to You?”
36 Gay-bashing, for example
39 Hang one’s head
40 Arena cry, to Frida
41 Canvas covering
44 Customer on “Six Feet Under”?
46 Cause of AIDS, and others
48 Word after film or cafe
49 Tool you can stick in your garden
50 Walk like a man in drag
51 Load of money
54 “Spamalot” review, perhaps
55 Open a crack
57 Phaser setting in “Star Trek”
58 Chaplain Judge of the NYFD, e.g.
59 Small pussy cat noise
60 Land of singer S. O’Connor
61 Peeples of “Fame”
62 “Proud Mary” band, for short
63 Straight line


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