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MSU Investigating Allegations of Sexual Harassment Against Sue Carter

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Sue Carter, an out lesbian professor at Michigan State University is being investigated by the Office of Institutional Equity over allegations of sexual harassment.
Carter resigned from the MSU Athletic Council for the NCAA last week, in the wake of the child sex abuse scandal of former MSU Dr. Larry Nassar.
“As both professor and priest, I am profoundly saddened by Michigan State University’s public posture and seemingly callous regard for these girls and women,” Carter wrote in her resignation letter.
She is accused by Ellen Fedon-Keyt of an inappropriate sexual relationship 26 years ago.
Jason Cody, spokesman for MSU, confirmed by text message the university was investigating Carter over the allegation.

This is the text message question and answer from Jason Cody, MSU spokesman.

Between The Lines does not normally identify the victim of sexual assault or harassment, but Fedon-Keyt, in interviews over the weekend, agreed to be identified for this story. Fedon-Keyt is a psychologist in the Detroit area in private practice.
She said she came forward with her allegations after seeing Carter’s quotes related to her resignation from the Athletic Council.
“After reading the recent Detroit News article, I am stepping forward to say from personal experience that Sue Carter has no room to make self-righteous statements about the sexual predations and moral responsibilities of others,” Fedon-Keyt wrote in a letter to MSU this weekend. That letter triggered the investigation by the Office of Institutional Equity.
“She was putting herself out there as if she couldn’t imagine this happening at MSU and as if she was all above this,” Fedon-Keyt said in an interview. “It made me feel ill and I just thought, ‘You don’t get to do this.’”
Carter confirmed in a phone call the relationship had occurred, but declined to address the specifics of the complaint.
Fedon-Keyt alleges that she was a Wayne State University student at the time the relationship began, and Carter was teaching journalism at both Wayne State and MSU.
Lori Randlett, a friend of Fedon-Keyt, recalls the relationship as something her friend was not willing to discuss at the time. But she said she was concerned about the power dynamic between Fedon-Keyt and Carter.
“I mean, she was her professor,” Randlett said.
“I apologize. I am deeply sorry for any harm that our consensual relationship caused Ellen 26-years ago,” Carter said.

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