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On behalf of everyone at Pridesource Media Group, the editors of Between The Lines wish our readers the happiest of holidays.
And no, we don’t do it just to upset the religious right, who believe that anything less than a “Merry Christmas” is an attack on the only holiday that matters. We recognize that this country is made up of numerous faith traditions and that not everyone is Christian. Thus we want our greeting to appeal to the largest number of our readers possible.
Thankfully, right-wing groups like the American Family Association aren’t likely to boycott BTL. Other companies, however, have positioned themselves in the AFA’s line of fire because their employees dare to wish customers a Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.
In fact, right-wing talking heads are up in arms about the “War on Christmas.” It’s a war that exists largely inside their heads.
There is no “War on Christmas” in America. What there is, and what there has always been, is a country with a widely diverse population – a country founded on religious freedom, no less.
It’s true that Christmas is celebrated by a majority of people in this country, both in secular and religious fashions. During this time of year there is no escaping it. You can’t go to the hardware store to buy parts for your toilet without hearing Christmas music blaring overhead. Heck, it’s hard to find a package of Oreo cookies without red and green stuffing right now. Hardly signs that Christmas is in danger.
The AFA bizarrely seems to find anything less than a mandatory Christian celebration of Christmas to be an attack on the holiday. In fact, their insistence that store clerks assume each and every one of their customers is a Christian is far more disturbing.
Granted, too-touchy liberals who fly off the handle when wished a Merry Christmas need to get a grip. But some minor disagreements over what’s appropriate hardly constitute a crisis.
The AFA, however, begs to differ, and they’re threatening boycotts of just about anywhere Christians might do their holiday shopping. Which is, of course, everywhere. Target, Walgreen’s, Lowe’s, Kroger and even Wal-Mart have made the AFA’s naughty list.
Yes, Wal-Mart. If the AFA boycotts Wal-Mart, wherever will their people shop? At this rate mom and pop Bible shops are going to need to start carrying bottled water and canned goods.
Of course, we know how effective AFA boycotts are. Thankfully, so now does Ford, who has reaffirmed its commitment to the LGBT community after a nasty PR debacle involving the AFA. We are thrilled that further fallout between the LGBT community and one of our strongest and most steadfast corporate allies was averted. We believe that Ford is sincere in its commitment to us and we salute and thank them.
Because, as Leslie Ann Thompson pointed out last week, wouldn’t a battle between Ford and the LGBT community be just what the AFA wants? Thankfully, that’s one mean-spirited holiday wish that won’t be coming true.

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