Obesity a serious health issue

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Dear BTL,
It’s good to see denial is still running rampant in the GLBT community. Ms. Tune-Copeland’s letter (“Fighting fat-phobia” in the Dec. 22 issue of BTL) purports that being obese is not a health issue. She attempts (but fails miserably) to make it look like a conspiracy by all those thin people to lower the self esteem of anyone who is overweight. I find this extremely offensive.
Let me tell you my story. Anyone in the community who knows me also knows that I have always been a large person. In fact I topped out the scales at 467 pounds. I was diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, enlarged heart and liver, and sleep apnea. On Nov. 11, 2005 I underwent bariatric surgery at Beaumont Hospital. As of Dec. 29, 2005 I have lost 91 pounds. I am no longer on diabetes and blood pressure medication. I can sleep at night without using a breathing machine. I can also stand without my back aching and my legs and ankles no longer hurt. Actually I feel 20 years younger. Had I not addressed these issues, I would have suffered dwindling quality of life and very likely would not have lived another five years.
To deny that obesity is a serious health issue is just plain wrong and not acceptable.
Robert B. Babut,
Hazel Park

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