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Of Paramount Importance

By |2018-08-08T14:22:40-04:00August 8th, 2018|Entertainment, Puzzles|


1 “The Queen of Mean” Helmsley
6 They aren’t straight
10 In the sack
14 Come to mind
15 Penetrate the cracks
16 Jethrene Bodine portrayer Max
17 As a companion
18 Enjoy a bear market
19 French existentialist’s word
20 1958 film of 33-Down
23 Contraction in a gay apparel carol
24 Brosnan TV role
25 Brian Epstein managed them
27 Fashionably nostalgic
30 Cook in the microwave
31 Brand name for a drag queen, perhaps
34 Minor bones to pick
36 Gets ready to shoot off
39 Nutty-fruitcake filler
40 Quinto, who is developing a biopic about 33-Down for Paramount
42 Norma, in a Field film
43 Persian Gulf port
45 “___ Lady” (cross-dressers’ show of old)
46 Memory unit
47 Rose fruit
49 Sometime label of Dusty Springfield
51 Evans of “Bewitched”
54 Two threesomes in bed?
58 The O of BYOB
59 Partner of 33-Down
62 Sib of David “Six Feet Under”
64 “The Lion King” sound
65 End of a farewell from Frida
66 Just makes, with “out”
67 “Tickle-me” doll
68 It puts people out
69 Maryland athlete
70 Sound like Harvey Fierstein
71 “Growing Up Gay in the South” author James

1 Male deliveries?
2 Ostentatious display
3 Beginning of a carol about orgasm?
4 Hamlet told Ophelia to go there
5 Diamond design
6 The A in GLARP (abbr.)
7 Smell awful
8 “Advocate” cover, often
9 Baudelaire collection, “Paris ___”
10 Vigoda of sitcoms
11 1955 film of 33-Down
12 Bone-chilling
13 Drag queen’s garment
21 Prudential rival
22 Smart-mouthed
26 Boxing ref’s end to a butt-whipping
28 “If I Were a ___ Man”
29 Colette’s “The ___ One”
31 Guy who cheats on his boyfriend, e.g.
32 Big Columbus sch.
33 Gay icon who died July 8, 2018
35 Merit badge site for the “morally straight”
37 _Cabaret_’s Kit-___ Klub
38 “Got it?”
40 “Button your lip!” or “Check your fly!”
41 Erect
44 Earhart milieu
46 Windy-day toy
48 Wicks making a basket, e.g.
50 Case of the jitters
51 Contemporary of Bonheur
52 Back from dreamland
53 ___ Gay
55 Campbell of “Martin”
56 Penetrate
57 Peter the Great, and more
60 Tasty tubers
61 Broadway stage piece
63 Sixth sense


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