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Oh Dear

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1 Notes to Tammy Baldwin’s staff
6 Greenish-yellow fruit
10 Buffy creator Whedon
14 Playground retort
15 Part of San Francisco’s BART
16 Not taken in by
17 Spy-action thriller series with Sandra Oh
19 James of “East of Eden”
20 “Bewitched” mother
21 Mommies of a child
23 Clean-air org.
25 Hard to come by
26 Allie on “Weeds”
31 They hold balls in pool halls
34 Oscar, to Felix
35 Phallic fish that need no lube?
37 Played (with)
39 Drug cop
40 Like a stripper’s attire
42 Tiny speck
43 Coming soon
45 Spanking spot
46 Suffix with leather
47 Masters
49 Annie Leibovitz’s workplace
51 Will “beneficiary” McCormack
53 “Look at Me, I’m Sandra ___”
54 The top Miami Sol players, e.g.
58 “___ fi” (Gomer’s USMC motto)
63 Taylor of “I Shot Andy Warhol”
64 Psychopathic assassin of 17-Across
66 Apple of a sort
67 Some guys do it nocturnally
68 Use a rubber
69 Hill with a flat top
70 Some IRAs
71 Of the kidneys

1 It comes before ends meet
2 Sinead O’Connor’s country
3 21-Across may do this
4 Norse port
5 Evening engagement
6 What you touch when you get to first base?
7 Hershiser of baseball
8 Cut
9 Rubicon crosser
10 She plays 64-Across
11 Draft eligible
12 “South Park” owner of a gay dog
13 Niles and Frasier to Martin
18 City near Vesuvius
22 Kid needing a butt-whipping
24 Word with smart
26 “There ___ there there” (Stein)
27 Point of view
28 Vital carrier
29 Network that airs 17-Across
30 Serengeti sight
32 City in the land of the Samurai
33 ___ music (do Britten’s job)
36 Golfer Sam
38 Regard as
41 Weatherspoon once of the LA Sparks
44 Cheeky
48 They have holey bottoms
50 Lee portrayer in “Capote”
52 Whodunit start
54 Like a Muscle Mary who works out
55 What they do behind bars
56 “Uh-oh!” to Lord Byron
57 Freudian undergarment?
59 Verlaine’s mother
60 Scheme
61 “Frozen” queen
62 Rod attachment
65 Some O.C.S. grads




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