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: Audiobook brings Ginsberg to life
Allen Ginsberg’s poetry is as much a celebration of the written word as it is a historical record. With the Voice of the Poet series by Randomhouse Audiobooks, Ginsberg’s work comes to life on the page and to the ears. Ginsberg, who died in 1997, was one of the leaders of the Beat movement and his poetry is ripe with the counterculture and activism of the 1960s. Ginsberg’s publication of “Howl” in 1956 shook the world of poetry and its reverberations haven’t let the genre stand still since. Ginsberg’s drug use, politics, and his homosexuality informed his work, the result being sexually charged, challenging, and exuberant verse that not only raised eyebrows, it raised consciousness. “The Voice of the Poet: Allen Ginsberg” includes a CD of never-before-released recordings of Ginsberg reading his own work, including a 22 minute reading of “Howl,” with a companion text. The set functions as both an introduction to and a celebration of one of the most influential poets of this century.
Wear your heart on your sleeve
A perfect stocking stuffer this year is the Same Love Same Rights lapel pin. The grass-roots campaign known as Same Love, Same Rights¬™ was organized in 2003 to spread the ideals of equality in marriage for all. In response to the voices of new legislation and new political and cultural dialogue, “Same Love, Same Rights”¬™ introduced the “Commitment” lapel pin to allow wearers to express their personal involvement in this vital movement. Revenues collected from the sales of the pin will be used to promote the campaign toward marriage equality. Ten percent will be donated to other like-minded nonprofit organizations. Order enough for everyone on your list at www.samelovesamerights.com.
T-shirts: the only good thing about four more years
Four more years of George W. Bush isn’t welcome news for the LGBT and allied community. The only bright side is the Good Bush/Bad Bush t-shirt just got four more years of wear. It’s a small consolation, but it pays to remember that dissent is democratic, and it might as well be humorous. Give the gift of anti-Bush apparel and you and yours can be decked out before inauguration day. Wear your distaste for (almost) all things Bush with this and other hilarious shirts from Don’t Panic (www.dontpanic.com).
The gift that keeps on giving
What do you get for the person who has everything? How about a gift membership to a national or local organization working for LGBT equality? Get your supportive parents a membership to PFLAG or make them Affirmations Center Partners. Make a donation in a friend’s name to the Ruth Ellis Center or the Triangle Foundation. Someone you know having a baby? Make a donation in the child’s name to the Coalition for Adoption Rights Equality. Know an LGBT student or teacher? Try GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network. Have a transgender friend or family member? Give in their name to TransGender Michigan. Looking for an organization that isn’t LGBT specific but still inclusive and progressive? How about the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan? Have friends from out of state and aren’t sure what their local orgs are? Give them a gift membership to Human Rights Campaign or Lambda Legal. Many national organizations even have online gift shops. Make your holiday dollars count toward a better world for all this year.

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