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Lambda Car Club International (www.lambdacarclub.net)
If you thought you were the only gay or lesbian person interested in cars, Lambda Car Club International wants you to know you’re not alone. America’s largest gay and lesbian auto club, LCC International has over 1600 members in the USA in 29 local chapters, including LCC Detroit and the LCC Michiana Dunes Region – Kalamazoo. Lambda Car Club helps the car enthusiast find people who share the same passion they have for everything automotive. Lambda Car Club International was founded in 1981 as the Gay Old Car Owners Society, based in New York.
For more information about LCC Michiana Dunes Region – Kalamazoo contact President of Michiana Dunes Region Joe Miller at 616-456-8284, email [email protected], or send correspondence to PO Box 51416; Kalamazoo, MI 49005-1416.
Lambda Car Club Detroit (http://lccdetroit.org)
LCC Detroit Region is one of over 26 chapters of Lambda Car Club International. According to the web site, “Our purpose is the enjoyment and exchange of information on old and special interest motor vehicles, combined with social fellowship by gay men and lesbians.”
LCC Detroit has over 100 members and has been around for 19 years. They welcome everyone. “You don’t have to be car-crazy to enjoy our events,” the web site says. “You don’t even have to own a car. And if that special someone in your life is less car-oriented than you, you can both come and have a good time.”
For more information email [email protected]
The Gay Classic Car Group (www.gccg.org.uk)
Though it’s based in the UK, the Gay Classic Car Group is still worth checking out for LGBT car enthusiasts in the United States.
Around since 1988, the Gay Classic Car Group started informally when a bunch of friends got together for lunch. “This resulted in several ad hoc meetings, culminating in a 12 car London to Brighton run,” according to the web site. “The next year there were five cars at London Pride, where more than 20 people enrolled as new members, and by 1990 over 40 people attended one Surrey meeting. Since then GCCG membership has grown steadily to over 350.”
For more information about GCCG email [email protected] For info about membership email [email protected] You can also write to GCCG, BM Box 5901, London WC1N 3XX.
Go on a gay-friendly driving tour of Michigan (www.glbtevents.com/travel/michigan.html)
When Carlos T. Mock, author of “Borrowing Time: A Latino Sexual Odyssey,” and William R. Rattan found themselves in Sawyer, Michigan while their house in Chicago was being remodeled, they decided to get to know the state. Mock and Rattan have posted an extensive itinerary of their trip on this site that includes where to stay, what to see, and how to get there. It also includes an extensive list of LGBT resources, places, and news (you have to scroll down through the news to get to the travel info, but it’s worth it).
“The Great Lakes have over 5,000 miles of shore, and Michigan holds over a third of that. Northern Michigan has some of the most beautiful undeveloped lake front property and in great quantity,” the web site reads. “If you are going to do this trip, we suggest you time it with the change of colors. Late September or early October will give the best colors in the Upper Peninsula, a bit later for the Lower Peninsula.”

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