Parting Glances: A Fairy Tale for T and P

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Once upon an evil time, when darkness began to gather, hate by political hate, at rainbow’s near end of tunnel, those anointed LGBT and Q by special life’s enchantment and DNA calling, began once more to tremble.
Some to hide, in fear and trepidation of an evil twosome. Hydra Heads of pollitical abuse and biblical bigotry. Hydras T and P.
Terror and Propaganda indeed seemed everywhere menacing in high places of politics and misguided pulpit prayer.
Some shrill, some crazed in egotistical, political monomania. Left behind winds breaking noxious wind! Terrors on the LGBT and Q horizon of hope!
Their leader T — surely, surely, by default or manipulation by thugs of alien slavic dress, shores and sinister intent — and in spite of those who tried in vain to warn of his innate bigotry and hate-mongering, whim by whim, day by day in degraded office of once high esteem — T foamed and fabricated!
He lied, lied, lied about specific and sundry. Lies told again, and again and again. So repeated, these lies began to be believed. Accented in fine print and billboard roadside display. These all simply stated for simple-minded believers.
Some lies were told to the sounds of military flutes. Some lies told to the tones of weeping violins. Some, to rhythms of tyranny, Twitter, and tuba P, as in ooom-pah-pah dispensation.
“Onward Xtian soldiers marching as to war! With the double cross of Jesus going on before!” So sang P and his followers, dispensers of foreclosure and blinding faith. (While T absentmindedly hummed along his hallelujahs, and oftimes spoke in unknown tongues.)
It seems, said many nervous rainbow comrades and allies — who had been around and survived tribulations, plagues and abuses of all shapes, sizes and colors — that time is again turning back on us to dark, darker days. They asked, “What must we do? Where shall we turn?”
Then from a multi-colored illumination, conjoined with many similar shining lights, at the end of the LGBT and Q tunnel of time and traditions came a chorus of many other challenging voices singing.
“You are not alone! No, you are not alone. In spite of hateful T and pompous P. Be who you are. Yes! Be! See: we too are many. Faiths! Colors! Fortitudes! Visions!
“Worldwide we struggle too, as do you. Shine and share. Shine and share! Be proudly who you are! Be free!”
And, one by one, by 100 and one, by 1,000 and one, by 1 million and one, the voices echoed and re-echoed, as hydra heads T and P drained downcast, downward, detonated and disappeared into infinity.

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Charles Alexander