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Parting Glances: A magic moment recalled!

By | 2019-05-29T15:47:03-04:00 May 29th, 2019|Opinions, Parting Glances|

About a dozen days ago tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow — at my age how can I be sure? — I was gifted with a pair of John Lennon enchantment glasses.
Gold-rimmed. Sunset orange. Autumn-tinted. Pre-Donald Trump, to be sure. No Mike Pence trifocal fog-up. (You got it, Mary!)
Reflected in my hand-held vanity, two-way mirror, these magic spectacles make me look and feel younger. (To be honest, not an easy thing to do at my gravity-compromised, sag-along-with-me age.)
The two-circle Lennon spectacles come rainbow-wrapped. Gay, tasteful in a box filled with “magic sequins and let’s pretend glitter.” Oh, yes! With a note.
And, surprise of surprises! A note written in cursive writing — thanks to the Republicans, of late rapidly becoming a lost art form — one word: “Imagine!”
Underneath the sequins and glitter is a folded patchouli-scented parchment. A map. Headline: “Things Once Happened at Downtown Detroit’s gay intersection. Midnight’s the bewitching moment. Follow! (In or out of high heels or leather.)”
And, in small lavender hand lettering, “Count the years backward. Say, the magic word. Put on these glasses. For a minute or two, be glad you were gay way back then … 1960 Detroit!”
Let me be honest. I’m a born skeptic. I arrive 15 minutes early — promptness is the courtesy of kings (or queens, in my case) as the old saying goes — and I discover, to my chagrin, two empty, dimly lighted downtown city blocks. Farmer & Bates.
Come on, MoTowners, you’ve got to be kidding! Where are the 1011, the Silver Dollar, La Rosa’s, gay bars, the Hub Grill greasy spoon teenager gay, lesbian hangout? Where are the nearby Barrel Bar, Foster’s, the Checker Bar. The City Hall? The 1st Precinct Police Station!
I stop counting backward at number 60, which it turns out, is just a few seconds before midnight. Looking about for safety’s sake, seeing I’m not in harm’s way, I — with just a touch of coming out nervousness — put on my Lennon specs, and … Oh, my stars. Mary, I can’t believe it!
Farmer & Bates is suddenly alive with hundreds of tourists eagerly watching from behind street-lined wooden barricades. There are shouts of approval. Loud applause, as one by one, gaudy costume by glorious costume, drag queens by drama queens arrive, turn, bow, pause regally for yet another take of in-your-face grandeur.
“You like what you see folks? You bet your sweet, straight bippies you do!” chants Lola Lola, pausing grandly before the entrance of one of the intersecting streets of several gay clubs. “This year’s trade, next year’s competition!”
She blows a kiss to the crowd as imaginary light bulbs flash. And out of nowhere, blue side of the moon perhaps, a recorded band lip-syncs “Hello, Dolly!”
Even in this imaginary, make-believe world of once-a-year royalty on parade, there’s got to be a star. Just to be sure it’s all for real, I push my Lennon glasses back on my nose. Oh, my. Yes! Of course, it’s Hazel Hobbs arriving by top-down, 1960-something red convertible.
Her gown, a year in sewing. Sequin by sequin. She radiates class! And chic. Her muscular Prince Charming companion holds up a sign. QUEEN OF FARMER & BATES! The crowd — straight and gay — roars its once-a-year awe-struck, Halloween Night approval.
I look at my self-winding watch. How quickly time runs down when you’re having last-minute fun. Or so it seems tonight. Just as I reluctantly turn to go, an old-familiar parade passes by.
Somehow gathered for my imagined benefit. I’m gently touched. Perhaps one final farewell with feeling for me. They wave in gaily passing … I nod nostalgically. …
Big Red, Jean, Eve, Rusty, The Empress, Miss Bruce, Tall Dick, Virgil, Tabu, Rita Hayworth, Fran, Flo, Uncle Jimmy, Little Mama, Mack, Drano, Sky, Eve Taylor, Che Che, Fran & Wally, Bookie, Fat Jack, Bessie, Billie Hill. Rosie Bonham, Andy, Sam, Chunga, Bobby Johns, Billy & Maurice, Ruthie Ellis … Hugs! Godspeed!
Gay today. Gone tomorrow … Thanks for being an out and proud part of my life. Thanks for making the past a prelude to change here in the Motor City!

About the Author:

Charles Alexander