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Parting Glances: Dopplegangers, Big 10 and Me

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As a recent resident of the Henry Ford Senior Retirement Village Community, consisting of some 800 units — I live in Berkshire Gardens — I have had some interesting, shall we say, metaphysical, perhaps psychic experiences.
At separate dinner times, for starters, I’ve encountered three fellow diners — the food served at the St. Clair and Windows restaurants is excellent and varied — who are double takes for friends I have known for some time. MCCD associate pastors Revs. Jim Lynch and Deb Cox, and trans person and uptempo personality MsVal. (I have iPhone pictures to prove likenesses).
The odds concerning another recent encounter — actually last week — must be, well, astounding, amazing and unbelieveable. But it did happen to me.
It all started a few weeks or so ago. In a satiric mood I thought of Charlton Heston starring in “The Ten Commandments,” a powerful, biblically butch movie about the heroic Prophet Moses, who led his enslaved nation and people to freedom from the oppression of Egypt.
I saw the film in 1956 when it debuted, budgeted at $13 million. I was an impressionable 20 then. As Hollywood visual reparative therapy, it failed completely in my case.
My touch of creative mentation led me to a moment of satire. If Moses were indeed to descend from the thunderclouds of biblical Mount Sinai he would not be carrying the twin tablets of THE LAW! but an iPhone in his right hand and an iPad in his left! Or, vice versa.
This bit of satiric whimsy made me curious about the number of artists who over the centuries have used the Moses on the mount mythos to inspire their visual and aesthetic — or lack thereof — renditions and interpretations.
A check of Wikepedia shows samples of dozens of well-known and lesser-known artists working in a variety of media: oils, etching, lithography, stained glass, pencil, watercolor and sculpture.
I spent a good half hour in my research, while relaxing after yet another delicious meal at the St. Clair Dining Room. I was amused, edified by my precursory look-see. And then! Dumbfounded by what happen next.
I looked up from the well-cushoned chair I was sitting in and saw, walking toward me a fellow HFV residents, wearing a black sweatshirt with a message in white letters that read — my new glasses ensured me that I was seeing on target — “Moses was the first person with a tablet downloading data from the cloud.”
Kindly, this unexpected, unintentional messenger let me take a proof picture. Oh, yes. I think I’m safe in speculating. There is an 11th Cpmmandment: “Thou shalt keep thy cellphone charged at all times.”

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