Perceptions volunteer found murdered in his home

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Capitol Correspondent

SAGINAW — A beloved member of the Perceptions community group in Saginaw was found murdered in his home August 7.
Det. Sgt. Mark Lively of the Saginaw Police Department said officers were dispatched to the home of 69-year-old Chuck Darr following an emergency call. The caller, who shared the house with Darr, called to complain about a strong odor coming from the upstairs where Darr lived. Officers found Darr’s body, but were not immediately able to identify him.
Lively said while he was on his way to the home, a call went out that the building had burst into flames.
The resident of the home was taken in for further questioning, but Lively said the police do not believe he had anything to do with the murder. Also found in the house and taken to the hospital for smoke related injuries was Michael Scott Kerr, 35.
Kerr was formally charged with homocide, arson and carjacking in a Saginaw court Monday and is in jail.
The cause of death is not being released, and police will only say Darr was the victim of homocide. They are not discuss any motive. However, Lively said the police do not believe murder was not a bias motivated crime.

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