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“While being lesbian or gay may not be a choice, being ignorant is. Pawlenty has either chosen to be ignorant of the reality or he has chosen to present himself in this manner in order to try and gain the votes of the ignorant. Either way, his behavior is a choice, just like what religion he follows, and what color clothes he wears. Being lesbian, gay or transsexual is not a choice.”
-Bridgette P. LaVictoire, in her blog titled “Tim Pawlenty Doubts Science On Genetic, Physical Cause Of Homosexuality,” about GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty’s statement: “The science in that regard is in dispute. There’s no scientific conclusion that homosexuality is genetic. We don’t know that.” lezgetreal.com, July 10. Pawlenty was interviewed on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”
“While the White House still thinks of marriage equality as a gay issue, the greater public now thinks of it as an American issue. This is something White House advisors have failed to comprehend thus far, otherwise they wouldn’t be holding so steadfastly to a federalist rationale for keeping the president out of it. A high-placed (LGBT) advisor could help them anticipate just how tone-deaf President Obama’s current stance will sound every time he’s forced to reiterate it on the campaign trail. He can talk about ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ repeal and DOMA all he wants, the voters still know a dodge when they see one.”
-Kerry Eleveld, in her column titled “Obama’s Second Chance At An LGBT Advisor,” about President Obama’s opportunity to appoint an LGBT advisor to a top White House post, equalitymatters.org, July 8.
“The Fourth of July is Independence Day. A day when our nation celebrates its freedom from religious and political tyranny. When we as a country gained our freedom, so to speak. I can only hope that one day, the LGBT community will have a day like this. A day when we are all recognized as the first class citizens we are, deserving of all the rights given to any other American.”
-Sasha Lotrian, in her blog titled “Happy 4th all you 2nd class citizens,” cardcarryinglesbian.com, July 3.
“The struggle for marriage equality is about more than the definition of marriage; it’s about the definition of justice.”
-David Remnick, in his commentary titled “It Gets Better,” about the same-sex marriage equality movement, newyorker.com, July 11.

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