Q Puzzle

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“On the Streets Where We Live”

1 Doesn’t leave uncut
6 Family diagram
10 Places for studs
15 International Gay Bowling Organization button
16 Get juice from a fruit
17 Response to an on-line personal
18 “___ roll!” (winner’s cry)
19 Lie alongside
20 She played with Sherman on “The Jeffersons”
21 Avenue of City Lights Bookstore
23 Pride Parade street in 38-Across
24 Child-care writer LeShan
25 Parsons of basketball
26 Choose not to come
28 Shrek’s shoe size, perhaps
29 Engages in foreplay
31 Winston Cup org.
33 Greek vases
34 Had sex (with)
36 Restrained
38 City of the four streets in this puzzle
42 Family of Mary, Queen of Scots
43 Like chubby chasers’ targets
46 Topsoil
49 With butts in the air?
52 It comes at the bottom of a list
53 Caligula’s arts
54 Chickenhawks, prenatally
55 “We’re ___ Gonna Take It” (“Tommy” song)
57 Marie, in Montmartre (abbr.)
58 Street associated with Harvey Milk
60 Street popular with lesbians in 38-Across
62 Didn’t eat out
63 Decide not to swallow
65 They circle Uranus
66 Gay men’s lifestyle magazine
67 “The African Queen” author
68 1929 Cole Porter tune
69 Rob of “Melrose Place”
70 Male enhancement exaggeration?
71 Showing skin, in a way

1 Muscle Mary’s pride
2 Emulate Thom Filicia
3 Cuts off
4 Hamburger Mary’s list
5 Terence of “Billy Budd”
6 Condition after getting cold-cocked
7 Stonewall Jackson and others
8 Bonheur bathed in it
9 Mouth-to-mouth pro
10 General under Arnold
11 Barbra’s “Funny Girl” guy
12 Director Clive of “Hellraiser”
13 Atkins, who played Woolf on Broadway
14 Log Cabin and Stonewall candidate lists
22 Exclusion of gays from the military, e.g.
23 Tuesday to 50 million Frenchmen
26 CK One and such
27 It might go right to the bottom
30 Orgasm, e.g.
32 Pieces that archaeologists get
33 Paul Lynde, to Elizabeth Montgomery, on “Bewitched”
35 Explosive stick
37 You need it to get to 365gay.com
39 Fire, to Frida
40 Initiated phone sex
41 Have more partners than?
44 Rock Hudson was this kind of idol
45 One who satisfies
46 ” ___ aux Folles”
47 Uses a gifted tongue
48 Thumbs-up
50 Not blown away
51 David Cicilline, e.g.
54 Sea eagles
56 Office aides
59 Kind of jack
60 Shoot off to the side
61 He took on a pair of bears
63 Oral input
64 Org. that uses ball-washers

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