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Q Puzzle

By | 2005-10-27T09:00:00-04:00 October 27th, 2005|Entertainment|

1 On top of that
5 Became erect
10 Org. of fey Dudley Doright
14 Work your fingers to the bone
15 Composer Ned
16 Like phone sex, in a way
17 Being kind to your lover?
20 Like 65-Across
21 Shakespearean verb ending
22 Guitarist Townshend
23 “Peel ___ grape”
24 Org. for Dr. Susan Love
26 “The Name of the Rose” writer
28 Trick’s tail?
30 Laszlo of skincare products
32 ___ a customer (monogamous offer?)
34 Greek vases
35 River of Cocteau’s country
37 Like Ellen DeGeneres’ demeanor
39 Becoming a metrosexual?
42 “At Swim, Two Boys” writer Jamie
43 GLAAD concern
44 Head-turner
45 Like a sad sack
47 Like Cammermeyer’s fatigues
51 Bean’s batting avg., e.g.
52 “When I see ___ will believe …”
53 Part of an airline name, in Wilde’s land
55 Where to find a voyeur, in a hospital?
56 Police incursion at Stonewall
58 Private’s place to saw logs
60 Hot blood
62 Cybill, to the Martha Stewart TV role?
65 Some of Mary’s lambs
66 Clark of fashion
67 Sea eagle
68 Poet ___ Wu
69 Type of market for bears
70 The A in GLARP

1 Vidal essay collection
2 Wood slat
3 Roddy McDowall in “Planet of the Apes”
4 Buck heroine
5 “We ___ Family”
6 Sitcom with Sara Gilbert
7 Shaft output
8 Three couples in bed?
9 Meat source Down Under
10 Alice, to Leisha
11 Touchstones
12 Like the Queen Mother
13 Try to seduce (with liquor, e.g.)
18 R. Mapplethorpe supporter
19 Letters on love letters to GIs
25 Illuminated by shiny buttocks?
27 Descended from the same tongue
29 Big initials in fashion
31 Circle of Uranus
33 Like Clive Barker’s stories
34 Like most gay couples
36 Michael on “Queer as Folk”
38 Head lines?
39 Withdraws prematurely?
40 Where motorists get off
41 Having gaydar, perhaps
42 Straight to gay (abbr.)
46 Most like Rosie?
48 Dykes on Bikes, e.g.
49 Nuts of a tall one
50 What you put on your ass
52 Lupino of “Women’s Prison”
54 Genre for Eazy-E
57 Britney Spears’ “___ Curious”
59 Bone, to Marcella Hazan
61 Rosie’s TV replacement Caroline
62 Porter’s “I ___ a Kick Out of You”
63 Little black bk. listings
64 Cartoon squeal

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